Lend Your Voice for Universal School Meals!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating and school-aged children have been especially impacted through school closings, a transition to virtual learning and, for many, a disruption in how they eat.
Millions of children from across the country rely on schools to provide the healthy, nutritious foods they need to thrive. While school food service providers have done what they can to keep kids fed, they need help! It’s our responsibility to make sure that children who have been impacted by the pandemic continue to have access to nutritious food long after it.

To help children reach their full potential, we need <b>universal free school meals</b>, which would allow all children enrolled in schools that operate the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program to receive a free breakfast and lunch, regardless of their family’s income.

By providing all students two free, healthy meals every school day, universal meals provide <b>equitable access</b> to healthy meals, reduces burdens on families, and give children the tools they need to succeed in school. Universal meals also ensures that children who might be on the edges of or cycle in and out of eligibility, or children who are experiencing homelessness, have recently immigrated, have caregivers who may struggle with administrative paperwork or are in foster care do not fall through the cracks. Universal meals would benefit ALL CHILDREN across the country who need our help now more than ever.

Please take just 30 seconds to sign this petition to join the effort to support universal school meals!

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